Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Just passing through

On calm and clear evenings we can often catch a glimpse of a hot air balloon as it glides by. Sometimes they come right over the house, enticing all the dogs within earshot to bark wildly at the big thing in the sky. The unmistakable whoosh of the balloon's burner is always heard before the balloon comes into view.

I watched the balloon through the treetops from our deck.

One particular morning a few weeks ago, I heard the whoosh and looked out to see two balloons going by in the distance. As the burners lit up, both of the balloons glowed fainlty in the dawn light. I didn't have my camera at the ready, and without the tripod set up I don't think I would have gotten a good photo of it.


  1. Oh, poor Bertie! I'm glad he didn't hop into one of these hot air balloons somehow, and end up floating over your house! :))


  2. I think I've already said it but I remember this sort of scene regularly during my growing up years in Boise, Idaho -- we lived near a large open field where the balloons would come and go from. And then I remember doing a safari in Kenya where the ballons would drift across the grass lands. Amazing! I've never been in one, though....

  3. I too want to know; have you been in a balloon?

  4. I've never been up in a balloon! And apparently, these rides cost plenty. I'm not likely to go anytime soon.


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