Thursday, September 16, 2010

I need lamp parts

Many of the lamps we have came from the U.S. Table lamps, floor lamps. And more than a few of them have that metal thing (I think it's called a harp) for attaching the shade to the lamp. And many of the shades on those lamps have seen better days. So I need to go shopping for new lamp shades.

A rose bud on a late summer morning.

But in France, lamp shades are not attached to lamps with that metal harp contraption. In France, lamp shades are attached via a screw-ring around the base of the bulb socket. Are you still with me? French lamp shades will not attach to my American lamps, at least the ones with the metal harp contraption.

So now I have to go to the hardware store and look for lamp parts. I need to replace the bulb sockets so that I have the screw-ring on which to attach new lamp shades. Then I have to take my lamps apart to install and wire up the new bulb sockets.

Anybody want to wager that this will not be as simple as it sounds? Anybody want to wager that American lamp parts and French lamp parts might be very close to, yet not exactly, the same size?

Stay tuned.


  1. "Anybody want to wager that this will not be as simple as it sounds?" It doesn't sound simple to me! You're so butch... Grrrr. LOL

  2. Sounds way too complicated. This is why God made duct ("duck") tape. Seek further inspiration at Good luck!

  3. I wonder if, when you are done, it will have been just as cheap (and way easier) to buy new lamps. But I know you are in it for the adventure.

  4. That "very close to, but not exactly" problem happens here too, now that replacement parts seem to be made in China.

    We can "import" some harps for you, if you like. Might me worth a try. Let me know.

  5. I think it was Dedene who recently posted about how many different size bases there are for light bulbs in France, so much so, that you have to bring the dead bulb with you for sure, when you go to buy a replacement, or you'll never get the right one. Good luck! We'll want to see photos of this adventure :))


  6. cubby, you should see me with my chainsaw.

    john, why didn't I think of that??

    cheryl, but I like my old lamps.

    chris, it's not the harps that are the problem, it's the shades that attach to them.

    judy, There are different types of bases for different types and sizes of bulbs, but that's not really a problem for us.


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