Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hardware and peppers

Monday was hardware day. We needed a bunch of little bits of hardware, so we planned a trip to our local BricoMarché to see what we could find. We loaded up the car with a bunch of junk and made a stop at the dump on the way. Got rid of tons of cardboard, some old paint cans, and the remnants of two old laptop computers. Now we have more breathing room in the garage.

Home-grown jalapeño, cayenne, and long hot chili peppers.

After the dump, we spent about an hour in the hardware store looking at hinges, screws, lamp parts, closet rods, and other stuff. We bought a bunch. Then we went across the street to the Intermarché grocery store and bought some food things. And more hardware from their hardware section.

On Sunday we harvested most of our chili peppers. On Monday afternoon we began to clean up some jars for them. They'll get washed and packed into the jars, then we'll pour boiling vinegar over them and seal them up. We've got jalpeños, cayennes, and hot banana peppers. They'll last us a good long time.

Today I'm planning to start cutting firewood for the upcoming winter. It's a bit late, but the weather is supposed to be good for the next few days, so I'm hoping I can get most of the cutting done. I'll keep you posted.

And just so I have a record of it, I'm making a note here that the grape harvest started today in the vineyards out behind our house.


  1. The colors of those peppers, magnificant!

  2. Oh, I bet those peppers smell heavenly :)))


  3. Walt, I hope you wear your neck
    brace when cutting wood.
    Never know when you might
    make a wrong move doing some-
    thing like that.

  4. Watch that back of yours when you are splitting wood...:)

  5. Ah, le vendage commence aujourdhui.

  6. Beautiful peppers! Isn't this a great time of year. But please do be careful of your back/neck/arm. Don't cut too much to begin with. See how you react to it.

  7. It's a change of season in the vineyard and at your home. Take it easy with that log splitter. Great photo!


  8. My goodness! even your hot peppers grow better than here in Arizona! you definitely have a green thumb: I envy you.

  9. Thanks for all the comments!

    I'm cutting logs with a chainsaw; no splitting, no chopping. The back, at least the upper part that I injured, should be just fine.


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