Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another day, another pizza

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. Especially French pizza. I'm sure I would love Neapolitan pizza, too, but I've never been to Naples. So for me it's French style individual pizzas. I've been making pizza at home for close to fifteen years now, if not longer. I have two pizza stones for the oven, a peel, and a small collection of recipes for crust.

One of Sunday's pizzas, ready to be sliced.

My current favorite crust is based on a recipe from our friend Tom who lives in Illinois. He had a wood-fired pizza oven built into his kitchen not too long ago. When we visited Tom and Harriett in 2006, they treated us to their home-made pizza. Un vrai régal, as they say in French!

Sunday's pizza was made with the rustic tomato sauce I made last week. I ground up a couple of small steaks along with some smoked lardons (bacon) and sautéed them with onions, garlic, and some chopped eggplant from the garden. That all went into a pot with the garden tomatoes, herbs, and spices. We ate it on pasta last week, but we both thought it would make a good pizza. I didn't take the sauce all the way to the edge of the pizza this time because it was thick with meat and eggplant chunks and I didn't want that to spill over on to the stone. So I kept a little bare crust around the edge.

We topped the pizza with black olives and two kinds of grated cheese. One was mozzarella and the other was a dry Wisconsin cheddar that we were recently given. I made two pizzas and they were excellent (if I do say so myself). Served with a green salad they made a terrific Sunday lunch.


  1. Your pizza looks so good! I wish I was there. It's one of my favorite. Some other time!

  2. That looks good. Joel is thinking about putting a wood burning pizza oven in the back yard....should be fun!!!

    How do you get the crust so thin?

  3. alas, with my new diet, I can't eat nuttin.
    Itwill be hard to drop by here for a while !

  4. chm, start your list now for next year! :)

    lynn, not sure. I just roll it out that way.

    michael, we got plenty of nuttin.

  5. Definitely trying that pizza dough recipe! Sounds amazing.

  6. Okay... it's 10 am and I want some PIZZA!!!!! YUMMMMM!!!!!

    I just left you a note on FB... we're free for pizza on the 17th... Just let me know what you'd like as dessert and it's there!! hehehe!

    Hope to see you guys soon, it's been too long already!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I'm far better at eating a pizza than making one. that looks delicious.

  8. Hello from Wisconsin! I couldn't help commenting when I read the Cheddar comment. We have a dear friend who makes an amazing Cave Aged Bandaged Cheddar! I love your blog and your partners! I am just having so much fun looking at all the recipes and photos - I am ready to make Volaille a la creme....feeling very French lately! - Megan


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