Thursday, September 02, 2010

Burs in the fur

Callie came home from Wednesday's morning walk covered in burs. Covered. She had them on her legs, on her belly, in her tail, on her neck, and behind her ears. I spent ten minutes with her dog comb trying to get them all out before giving her the morning rinse-off.

See the little hooks? These are some of the more common burs that Callie picks up.

All it takes is one little detour through the right (or wrong) field or through the brambles and she picks them all up. She even found more burs later in the morning in our own back yard. I'm not certain where they are, but she found them.

This is not a new thing. I've been telling her since puppy-hood when she's got "a bur in her fur." She knows what that means and will stand still for me to get them out. Usually it's just a few, but this time of year, well, bounty. If only they were edible.

I also looked up "bur" in my Webster's Unabridged Dictionary to find out if it had one "r" or two. Apparently it can be spelled either way, but I got the impression that one "r" is more common.


  1. Lulu had dozens of those sticky things on her yesterday, too. they are a real pain to remove. (Jean in the tourist office, using a keyboard that puts a q every time i want an a !!)

  2. Callie probably likes all the attention.

  3. My offer's still open on that Tyvek suit.

  4. jean, the comb makes it a bit easier, but it's still a pain.

    nadege, maybe...

    chris, I may take you up on it!


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