Saturday, September 25, 2010

First day of fall skies

While the sky was not particularly dramatic on Thursday, it was still pretty. I thought I'd record the sunrise on the first day of fall. It was a warm morning which made the daily walk with Callie very pleasant.

Looking easterly toward the sunrise at around 7:30am.

The grape harvesters were out at first light and Callie didn't want to go toward them, so we walked around the vineyard in the space between the vines and the woods. That took us in a wide loop around the menacing machines.

Looking toward the west. Callie's listening to the hum of the harvesters.

Once beyond the vineyard parcel where the closest harvester was working, we got back on the dirt road and headed westerly. I could hear harvesters over on the next hillside to our south and out in the vineyards beyond the end of the dirt road to the west. Callie kept a sharp eye out for them in case they decided to turn and attack.


  1. I was just now chatting with someone about the different shades of "blue" and how there are a million of them! I love the feeling of the various shades as the seasons and weather change.

  2. alewis, yup. And there are probably just as many shades of green, too. :)


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