Monday, September 27, 2010

Aw, dry up!

Summer's wildflowers have set seed and are drying into brown ghost skeletons. The coming winds, rains, and snows of winter will beat most of them down, but a few will survive upright into spring. I wonder if this one will?

The last few seeds of this spent flower are still holding on.

We ate the last best corn on the cob Saturday. There are a few more ears out there, but they're small and probably not fully formed. Ken read about doing corn in a skillet, so we did. Melted a little butter and put the corn right in, turning it frequently, covering it a little, until it was done. Then salt and pepper. But no fiddling with buttering a hot corn cob at the table since they were cooked in butter already. And the corn had a firmer texture than it does when it's boiled. Very good.

And, thanks to a suggestion from one of Ken's readers, we gave Callie one of the cobs after we ate the corn from it. She chowed down and consumed the whole thing in about five minutes. Happy days!


  1. I think I'm the person who mentioned that my dog likes to chew on eaten corn cobs, but he only chews on them like a bone. He doesn't consume them. Did Callie really eat the whole cob? Wow! Bo is much smaller, only about 14 pounds, and older so perhaps that's why he doesn't actually eat all the cob. But he certainly enjoys them, and I'm glad to hear that Callie did too.

  2. I wonder the same about some of my perennials: will they make it?

    That corn in a skillet sounds good. And give the dog the cob...never heard of it. I'll have to remember that for next season.

  3. my moms corgi gobbled down a corn cob outta the garbage once & ended up getting totally stopped up & she eventually died so make sure callie continues to do her business on your walks! the cob did not break down evidently & no one realized what was going on till it was too late & infection had set in (sorry but i just wanted yall to be aware..i assume callie chewed it up better)

  4. You know what we've been seeing a lot of over the last week or so is SPIDERS! Lots of them, not inside, but out....web built everywhere with big giant spiders in them.

  5. Geeeeeze, I hope Callie will be okay after downing the cob. Keep us posted on that, okay?

    Other than that, sounds like a heavenly way to prepare corn on the cob. We learned this year about microwaving it while still in the husk... it does come out nice and moist-- though it's kind of hard to husk the super-hot ears.


  6. kristi, Callie didn't suffer any ill effects from eating the cob. But, like you said, she's a larger dog. At her last check-up, the doc weighed her in at 22kg (over 48lbs)! He said she needed to lose a few, so we've changed her diet a bit.

    rick, be careful, Bandit is a smaller dog!

    melinda, yes, Callie is just fine and doing "things" normally.

    alewis, there's no lack of them here. Outside AND inside.

    judy, I've done that and I agree about it being hard to shuck a steaming hot ear...


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