Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moving right along

On Monday morning our plumbing/electrical contractor came by to connect the new satellite tv cable he installed to the actual satellite dish, thus permanently moving the signal from the ground floor entry up to the new loft space. Ken had called him last week to let him know we were ready.

An althæa in one of our neighbors' yard. It's a kind of hibiscus.

It wasn't the actual plumber who came to the house but his two employees who do most of the labor for him. While they were here they said they wanted to go ahead and install the radiators (up until now being stored in the closets) and get the heating system up and going. It's starting to get cold in the mornings. We explained that we're not ready for the heating system to be up and running yet because we need a new part for the boiler and the heating people need the system to be empty to install it.

Our heat is oil-fired hot water and the part we need is an expansion tank that regulates the water pressure in the system as it heats and cools. The water has to be all drained out of the system (all the radiators and pipes in the house) for the installation to happen, and we drained it all last week. It would have been silly, not to mention wasteful, to fill the system up to test the new radiators just to turn around and drain it again.

So the guys installed the radiators and said they'd come back when we're ready to test it all out. It's nice to have the radiators up on the wall now. They make the room look even more finished. Now the tv is up there and working and we're beginning the process of moving furniture.


  1. It's nice to see progress. You'll have to share some pics on the interior one day.

  2. The Auvergne photo on your sidebar makes me want to be in on the road again in France right now.

  3. I think you are going to realy enjoy your new space this winter. Is it difficult for Callie to get up there?
    In our Seattle bungalow, we had to hoist the dogs up to our loft bedroom, reached by ladder. Even trats could not prompt those terriers to learn to climb a ladder.

  4. After this bed and breakfast is complete, will you accept out-of-town guests? when can I make my reservation?

  5. rick, it won't be long now. Pics are on the way. ;)

    evelyn, I know what you mean.

    stephen, the stairs are steeper than Callie's used to, but she's getting up and down just fine.

    michael, as soon as I hire the reservations clerk... it's so hard to get good help these days. ;)


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