Sunday, September 19, 2010

Even more sunflowers

It really is that time of year. The large fields of sunflowers around us are mostly brown, the seed-laden flower heads bent toward the ground. They look like a crowd of mourners at a funeral. I'm seeing sunflower photos all over the internet. And here's me adding to them.

Our sunflowers' last gasp.

The sunflowers in our garden are on their way out, too. These are a couple of late bloomers hanging in there, but they won't last much longer. One good gust of wind and they'll come toppling down.

Today we're planning a chili pepper harvest. And eggplant. This morning's low was 7ºC which is about 44ºF (and 280º Kelvin, in case you're wondering). With these low overnight temperatures the veggies aren't going to last too much longer out there. But the daily highs are supposed to get into the mid 20s (low 70s F) through the week.

We're going to make a moussaka for lunch today. Yum!


  1. I hope I'm the first to say that is a fabulous photo. It would look really good enlarged as a poster.

    Have a great moussaka !!

  2. Our low this morning was 3 degrees. I am expecting our first frost any time now.

  3. Your wonderful photo gives new meaning to the word sunflower. Gorgeous!

  4. But your photo is so especially beautiful with the light behind and the sky so wonderful. Enjoy the moussaka! I didn't get any eggplant in my box from the farm this week. But lots of tomatoes and peppers and lots besides. But I still don't know what we'll be eating today.

  5. Jean beat me to it! What else can I say? Swan song, maybe?

  6. We had about three days of that Indian Summer Feeling. And now, the rain is back. Its gray and wet. And the sunflowers don't look as good with a gray background as a bright blue one.

  7. With 48 hours of summer left, I grow sad. Summer is my favorite season, with autumn a close second.
    Sunflowers are beautiful & amazing, especially en masse.

    Your photography always knocks me out.

  8. Agree with others that your photography is amazing! I'm surprised that the birds haven't come for the sunflower seeds. Any ideas of why that it? It's been a great football day. Enjoy tomorrow! Lots of interesting games.

  9. jean, thanks!

    simon, I saw some frost on Sunday morning, out on a large expanse of our neighbor's lawn.

    suzanne, you are too kind!

    kristi, yesterday's harvest was the last of the eggplant for us this year.

    chm, that's good.

    cubby, I knew there was someone out there who would appreciate that!

    alewis, I hear 'ya.

    stephen, thanks. I love summer and autumn, too. I like long warm days, but I also like the cooling down, the leaves, and the harvest aspects of fall.

    cheryl, the birds to come for the seeds as they dry out. It won't be long.


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