Thursday, September 30, 2010

We're watching le cube

They call it "Le Cube." It's the new decoder from our satellite television provider. We've had the old decoders for nearly seven years now. One was a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) called PiloTime. It gave us forty hours of recording time, but the interface was slow and awkward, and the thing was dying a slow death.

One of the boxes that our new satellite decoders came in.

The other decoder was not a PVR, but it, too, was losing functionality. So we decided to upgrade with the new attic work so that we would have two new decoders and the ability to record either upstairs or downstairs. The new Le Cube gives us eighty hours of recording time and has a new, more user-friendly, interface. The new remotes are shiny and clean have no buttons missing. And all Ken had to do to get them was take the old decoders in to a store and exchange them for the new ones. Easy-peasy.

By the way, Le Cube is not a cube. It's a standard polyhedron that's mostly white, with one corner in black that suggests the shape of a cube. But the box it came in is a cube. A very stylish cube.

It took about a whole day to hook them both up, run the setup programs, download stuff from the satellite, and figure out how it all works. But we're getting used to them now.


  1. Very stylish box...hope you have good luck with it. I have a DVR with my cable box - don't use it very often but it's nice to have.

  2. For a brief moment I thought you two were getting into video games or something... ;O

  3. There's a blogger who keeps telling me how cheap internet/telephone/television service is in France. Is it true? Would you be willing to say how much those services cost there?

  4. This photo is absolutely amazing! Who (besides you) would have captured the irregular shapes of tomatoes contrasting with a cube? And the reflection of the tomatoes in the cube... wow! And the variety of colors of the tomatoes, also intriguing! Well done, Walt!

  5. rick, we hope so, too. So far, so good.

    suzanne, I'm too old for video games! lol

    cubby, sure. I'll send you a facebook message about it.

    cheryl, :)


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