Friday, October 01, 2010

Time marches on

Remember the little pine cones I showed you back on September 5? You can take a look at them here. Go ahead. I'll wait. Now do you remember? Well, here's what they look like now.

Fuzzy little pine cones like these will soon cover the ground under this tree.

In just a few short weeks they will have fallen on the ground and will have to be raked up and toted to the burn pile. We plan to have a nice fire out in the one of the garden plots real soon. We've got a bunch of wood waste that needs to be burned (pine stuff that can't go in the wood stove). Most of it is what fell during the storm we had back in February. I just piled it up and it's been sitting there ever since.

And leaves. We will have leaves. What doesn't get burned will be used to cover the garden plots for the winter to help keep the weeds down. Then they'll get plowed under in the spring.


  1. I'm trying to come up with a witty and original comment. Here it is: Your photos are really awesome!

  2. I don't know why but both times ( on the 5th and today) when I clicked on your blog and the pictures came up , I thought they were snow-covered pine trees. My mental clock has already tuned to winter in the great North ( I guess rain and the fall colour outside do play tricks on me)

    Nice pics btw.

    Word verification: pranke

  3. Wonderful color~ This time of year is really magic. I think I better go outside now and look around a little bit more!

  4. jean, thanks!

    chm, witty and original! :)

    beaver, it's a tad too early for snow here (I hope). We're expecting to get up into the low 20s Celcius today.

    kristi, good idea!


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