Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A golden morning

The angle of the sun and the colors of the leaves this time of year combine to make some pretty sights around the vineyard. One recent morning, when the mists from the river valley began to clear and the sun came up, I saw this.

If you look very closely, you can just see the tip of our roof on the upper right.

It looked as if everything were tinged with gold. Maybe I was at the end of a rainbow or something. It was very nice but it didn't last long. The mists continued to burn away and the sun rose higher and the magic evaporated.

On Monday morning we had a very dramatic sunrise with blues and pinks and purples and oranges. Unfortunately, I had left the camera in the house. Oh well. There will be more.


  1. Looks beautiful!!! It must be nice to wake up in the morning and smell the fresh air!!
    One day...... : ) Enjoy!

  2. "Maybe I was at the end of a rainbow or something." Can there be any doubt?

  3. We went to Ikea in Minneapolis. My friend Betty bought me a cake pan in the shape of one of those Swedish horses made in Dolarna. Feeling Swedish is gut.

  4. I know that I say this over and over and over -- but I love this time of year, the colors, the feeling of coolness...and the countryside.

  5. I always enjoy your photographs; such loveliness.

  6. leesa, it sure is!

    cubby, now if could only find the cash.

    evelyn, we had a successful trip, and the store was not in the least bit crowded.

    alewis, nothing wrong with that!

    michael, thanks. :)


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