Thursday, October 28, 2010

Late October sunrise

The sky was mostly clear on Wednesday morning. The waning moon still shone brightly as the sun started to come up. Long banks of clouds hung just above the eastern horizon and the sun lit them up dramatically. There were the usual airliners making their way southward. This morning they had very short vapor trails.

The view looking easterly toward the rising sun.

The grape harvest has been done for weeks now and wine is happily fermenting all around us. I've already seen some local Touraine Primeur (new wine) in a store. It seems way too early for that. It's usually not out until mid-November. The bernache was early this year, too, so it stands to reason that some new wine is ready. I guess some growers got their harvests in earlier than usual because of the rains we had in September.

A wider view looking toward the northeast.

We had one of those five-second power outages on Wednesday morning. Just enough to shut down the computers and modem, re-set the clocks, and destroy any tv recording that's under way (we weren't recording anything). Those quick offs and ons can't be very good for the appliances. I wonder what causes them?


  1. We have those quick power
    outages over here too.
    Utility company told me
    they resulted from their
    switching off in order to
    do some small maintenance
    thing. Infuriating about
    the digital clocks.

  2. Sooo gorgeous! I really wish Alex and I were your neighbours!!!

  3. You'd be smart to hook up any expensive electronics to an uniterruptible power supply, or at least a good surge protector.

  4. These photographs are very dramatic. I them a lot! Don't know anything about the power interruptions, but my son bought a small generator last summer to protect the fridge and freezer.

  5. Ah, "here comes the sun"- love it!

    Thanks for info Sheila. Our power outage stammers are often on Sat and Sun mornings and you have explained why they might occur then.

  6. Walt

    It is called an electrical brown-out. Its causes can be deliberate - voltage reduction by the hydro/utility company to stabilize a grid or are triggered by electrical overload on the system or the weather.

  7. You know, it must be nice to be able to both cook AND take amazing photographs.

  8. The brief power outages are caused by blue-helmeted UN commandos descending on ropes from black helicopters, tampering with the electrical grid in preparation for world domination. I thought everyone knew that.

    Moving to Montana soon...

  9. Superb photos. All your photos have been great lately. Have you been having lessons or is it just pure talent ??? !!!

  10. Gorgeous photos as always from you -- the sunrise is my desktop for the month of November.

  11. sheila, what worries me more is the effect on the fridge and freezer motors, and the modem and router.

    leesa, I'm afraid you'd be bored stiff!

    cubby, that makes good sense. Which is why we haven't done it. lol

    kristi, how does that work? Is it running all the time? I assumed generators were for when you didn't have power.

    evelyn, you have them, too?

    beaver, I thought it might be something like that.

    alewis, you know it is. I've read about your cooking and I've seen you photos!

    john, sounds like you've been invited to a tea party...

    cheryl, me, too!

    scottsabode, thanks!

    jean, no lessons, just a lot of luck.

    will, I'm honored!

    victor, thanks!

    michael, :)

  12. Walt

    Next time when this happens, ask your neighbours if they had the same experience - day or time of day. If it is all around, then may be you can call the utility company to know the reasons behind such occurrence - deliberate or not and ask about its effect on your appliances.

    If you are the only house, then may be it's time to call an electrician


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