Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hairy seeds

I'm not at all sure what plant this is that produces these luxuriant seeds every fall. Every time I see them I tell myself that I will try to remember and look them up, but I always forget. So I still don't know. But they're out there again now.

Anybody recognize these? Thanks to Susan: they're wild clematis.

Friday was the first heating day of the season. The house was chilly enough to turn on the heating system. I only had it on for an hour and half and that was enough for the house to get comfortable. Later in the day we'll be cooking, so the oven will be on, and if that's not enough to keep us comfy I'll build a fire in the wood stove. Neither one of us likes it too warm in the house, so it doesn't take much to feel okay.

It's supposed to start feeling downright cold over the next few days. Still, the sun is out and there's been no wind (although a system is moving through right now) so the cold isn't penetrating, and if you're out in the sun it's quite pleasant. Good autumn weather.

The trees are dropping their leaves at a faster pace right now, but most of them are still on the trees. Raking won't have to happen for a while yet. Besides, there's still firewood to cut. I stopped by the chainsaw hospital on Thursday, but the part they ordered still hasn't arrived, so I'm still waiting.


  1. Your beardy seeds are the wild clematis.

  2. Hi Walt, I just learned on "A Taste of Garlic" that we share the same "blogiversary"! So I decided to stop by and say hello. In reading your profile on Keith's blog and seeing your picture here I realize that we also have a mutual blog/FB friend. Amy H at Chitlins (although, I've never met her in person). Great blog and stay warm! It's definitely getting chilly in Paris too.

  3. That's exactly what I thought they were before I read Susan's identification.The seeds are more spectacular than the tiny flower itself!

  4. Walt, Your photos are always spectacular. What kind of camera do you use? I'm considering treating myself to a new digital camera (pocket-size) and I'm looking for one that does great close-ups, like yours. Thanks in advance! Martine

  5. Thanks for continuing for 5 years :))


  6. So you're on the chainsaw hospital transplant list? I hope the part you're waiting for isn't on back-order from a union shop. Happy 5th!

  7. susan, thanks!

    amy75, thanks for coming by!

    chm, they are amazing!

    martine, I use what they call a "bridge" camera. It's a Panasonic Lumix FZ7 model. I like it a lot, but now I'm looking to upgrade to something a bit more professional.

    judy, thank you!

    john, Thanks. I hope not, either!

  8. It's fricking freezing in Paris!


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