Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Funky feline fotos

This is not my idea of a proper hood ornament. The car had been sitting out in the sun one recent afternoon and Bertie obviously felt it would be a warm place to sit. He stretched and rolled over a few times. He was there long enough for me to go in and get the camera. Then, appropriately rested and warmed, he went off on more adventures.

I call it "Chat noir sur Peugeot."

Bertie is spending more and more time in the garage and utility room these days. I suspect it's because it's getting colder outside. We're closing him in earlier as it gets dark earlier. I really don't want him out overnight when it's really cold. When he's out, we don't close the garage window so that he can come inside when he wants to. But leaving the window open makes the garage cold. The window has an iron grille on it that keeps people and big critters out, but the cat can go right through.

I think we need to get one of those cat flap-doors.


  1. I would suggest that you not long returned from a drive and Bertie discovered a warm spot on the bonnet of the car. Ours enjoys the heater vent in the mornings.

  2. What an ingenious way to make your Peugeot look like a Jaguar! :)

  3. LOL...ladybird. Though I am partial to Peugeots myself.

  4. Oh, to have a car that clean looking!
    Great photo...love the reflection of the clouds in the windshield.

  5. LOL ditto Ladybird - we have a Peugeot.

  6. I need to visit your site as soon as I wake up. That darn Ladybird stole my line. Now the best that I can come up with is "Cat on a hot tin car".
    See, the Jaguar line was better. But that's what I get for coming late to the game.
    Your Friend, m.

  7. Wow, you guys and gals are too quick for me! I'd love to have a line like 'jaguar' pop into my head. I've been too busy picking the fleas off my cat, Matisse, for the last week, waiting for the Frontline Plus to kick in. Washing everything that he touches and vacuuming has been an ongoing chore for the past 7 days. He won't be going outside again EVER now. Bertie hasn't had any flea problems?

  8. Another thought to keep Bertie warm in the winter. A heating pad on a timer, covered with a quilt or something thick enough so claws won't damage it. My folks did this for a feral cat that lived in their back yard. They actually put the pad inside a dog house so the kittie had shelter from rain as well as warmth.

    Best, Donna in SF

  9. leon, that's possible, I don't remember.

    martine, LOL!

    rick, we like ours.

    mike, it stays pretty clean, except in the yucky winter weather. But we keep it in the garage most of the time.

    mark, I thought of that, too, but Martine wins!

    mary, no flea problems at all. We use Frontline for both the dog and the cat and haven't seen a flea.

    donna, interesting idea!


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