Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The autumn colors are beginning to show

It's not stunning. But little by little the leaves are doing their thing. We're seeing mostly yellow right now, but there are some reds out there that should be showing up soon. The vineyard is starting to turn as well going from a deep sea of green to a paler, yellowish green. It, too, will quickly go to a brilliant yellow with patches of scarlet here and there.

Looking out across a neighbor's property from our front terrace.

Then the leaves will fall and the brown shades of winter will be upon us. But not before we rake up piles and piles of leaves around the house. The first feuilles mortes are already falling and collecting in those places around the yard that are sheltered from the wind.

Our grass, in contrast, is taking on a deeper green color. It doesn't get cold enough in winter to kill off the grass and the small green plants that make up what we call a "lawn." And since the sun isn't very hot this time of year, the grass can continue to grow. It stays green all winter, thankfully.


  1. Autumn/Spring - my favourite times of the year.

  2. Very nice. Is it about time to get out your rake? We're going to need to start here in about another week.

  3. Lucky you having green grass all winter.

    That yellow tree...what is it? It looks like a spring forsythia.

  4. Looks almost like the pretty yellow of forsythia in the SPRING!

  5. evol, not to mention summer!

    cubby, almost.

    rick, yes, it does look like a forsythia. But it's not. I don't really know what it is!

    alewis, you and rick are thinking alike! ;)


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