Sunday, October 31, 2010

One year ago

Last year at this time I was in upstate New York visiting friends and family. I posted a whole lot of photos from that trip while I was there. But there are some pictures that I didn't post, for one reason or another. This is one of them.

The Lake House in Albany, New York.

This is the lake house in Albany's Washington Park. I don't know much about its history except that it is not the first lake house on this site. The architecture is Spanish Revival, and the land side of the building is an amphitheater. And for some stupid reason, I have no pictures of that.

If you haven't seen the other photos from that trip, or just want to stroll down memory lane, look in the sidebar and click on the "albany new york" topic category. I've enlarged most of the photos in that collection so you'll see them bigger than they were originally.

Happy Halloween!


  1. so if yall turned ur clocks back and we didnt, it means that there's one less hour between us, not an additional one, n'est-ce pas?

  2. no, nevermind, i am still jet lagged

  3. For some reason, I didn't get to see this amazing building in Washington Park.

  4. Right the first time, Melinda. France is now one hour less ahead, but the US will fix that next Sunday.

  5. I thought for sure that I had to change the clocks last night. I was an hour late for Mass this a.m. Deacon John was not happy with me. Father just smiled and said that it was "okay" as he took my tithing envelope from my hand.
    Your Friend, m.

  6. funny,
    my emotional reaction (before I read the entry) seeing the photo is 'wow there is a building like this in Albany, I wonder if the French had it first?"

  7. melinda, lol!

    vtt, merci.

    alewis, well, you'll just have to go back!

    john, yup, I got it wrong again!

    mark, well, there you go.

    michael, :)

  8. very nice picture... I'll have to check out this building next time I visit Albany.

  9. bosguy, thanks. Hope you're feeling better! :)


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