Friday, October 29, 2010

Abandoned grapes

There are two or three parcels of grapes out in the vineyard that have been abandoned. I suspect the owners died or have become incapacitated and there is no new generation to take over. The land might be in limbo until it can be dealt with after the inheritance process, or it may be for sale with no buyers in sight. I've been told by locals that agricultural land cannot be easily sold for development here, especially if it's in an A.O.C. designated area.

Sad looking bunches that will never be harvested.

I'm sure the other growers with adjacent parcels know all about it. But I haven't asked. A couple of the neglected parcels I know of have grown over with trees. You can see the old grape vines and some stakes in the undergrowth. They've been abandoned since we've been here, over seven years now.

This one has no trees, but the vines are definitely not tended. They get leggy and produce too many small bunches of grapes instead of a few large bunches. It's too bad, but there is a surplus of wine in France these days. I'm doing my best to help consume it.


  1. OMG! I just LOVEEEEEEEE your photos!!! I need to come and do a photo stage with you!! : ) Have a great Friday! TGIF!! YAYYYYY!!!

  2. Sometimes things in a state of neglect looks so beautiful as does this photograph.

  3. Don't try so hard. I'd like some too!

  4. leesa, thanks!

    rick, true. Thanks.

    cubby, there's plenty to go around!

  5. Your photo of the grapes is wonderful. Merci mille fois!
    louvregirl :)


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