Friday, October 08, 2010

Puddles in the vineyard

Have I mentioned how much it's rained lately? During the harvest? And that the tractors and harvesters are working in muddy conditions? And that they're making deep tracks between the rows of vines that fill up with water? Ah, yes. I thought I had.

Callie enjoys drinking from and walking through muddy puddles like these.

What I didn't mention is that while the weather is mild the mosquitoes are making hay. Well, no, they're actually making little mosquitoes. All these little puddles of warm water are prime breeding grounds for those pesky devils.

At the first cold snap they'll all be gone. Except for the ones that escape into the house.


  1. I am so looking forward to that cold snap that will kill the mosquito breeding grounds near me, AND deter Munson from wading in the dirty lake.

  2. Why do dogs like to drink mucky water. Drives me'd think I have no fresh water at the house.

  3. I LOATHE mosquitoes, mainly because I'm a total bug magnet, they just love me. Fortunately, we had a somewhat dry summer this year and their breeding conditions weren't optimal.

    Wishing you an early light frost!

  4. mike, we normally don't have very many of the little buggers, but there are a bunch right now.

    rick, I don't know! Callie does, too, and she drinks the water from the saucers under plants. Yuck!

    cubby, you can't fool me, you 'round the world traveler, you.

    judy, you can say that again!

    will, the think I hate most is when they buzz me in bed, when I'm half asleep. I end up slapping myself silly.


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