Saturday, October 02, 2010

Periodic Puppy Pics

It's Friday, mid-day. We're just finishing lunch. Callie is hanging out on the living room rug watching. You know, in case something tasty should fall from the table.

Can I have some?

It seldom does. We've been very careful about not feeding her from the table. We made that mistake with our first dog, Collette. Once she got nibbles from the table she knew it was a source of food and she'd beg for it. Collette would put her chin in your lap until she got something, then she'd come back for more.

So if we want to give Callie something from the table, we wait. Then we put it in her bowl. That's where the food is. Unless it comes from Ken's chair by the t.v. She gets the occasional tasty morsel from there, and she knows it. Smart dog.


  1. Dogs can count too.

    Just put three treats in your pocket and give only two, they wait just as long till they get the third as well.

  2. Casey can work us for treats....Gene's the push over....but those eyes....hard to resist.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  3. Callie is entirely too sweet.

  4. We've spoiled Bandit. He does the chin on your lap thing, the begging, the whining. I'm afraid it's too late at this point.

  5. A colleague of mine has just bought a border collie pup, Jessy. She's mainly black, with just a touch of white on her chest and white 'socks' at her feet. Each time my colleague shows me photos of Jessy or tells me about the mischief she has been up to, I tell her about Callie, as if she where my own dog. I hope you don't mind! She's so terrific! (Callie, I mean) :))

  6. I have to agree with Peter. Our vet is fond of saying that dogs can't measure, but they sure can count.

  7. She is just adorable. I don't know how you can resist her.

  8. peter, right you are!

    victoria, I know. Border collie eyes are amazing.

    scottsabode, entirely. Until she rolls in something really smelly.

    rick, you can't un-train them!

    leesa, she's looking forward to seeing you!

    martine, don't mind at all! :)

    john, and they have good memories.

    suzanne, experience. It's the only way. ;)


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