Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The harvest continues

Not much to report right now. The weather has been gray and rainy and the harvesters are working frantically to get the grapes in. The tractor tires are making big impressions in the mud between the rows of vines. That means lots of puddles now and through the winter.

Most of the grape leaves turn yellow, but there are some that become scarlet red.

The leaves are accelerating their color changes and are tumbling more and more. Those pine cones I showed you are falling into the yard. And boy, is it dark in the morning! The late sunrise and the cloudy weather make it seem like the middle of the night when I wake up. And dark mornings and evenings mean I don't take the camera out much.

We're planning a Mexican-style lunch today. Steak fajitas, corn tortillas, re-fried beans, guacamole, and salsa. I'm making the tortillas this morning. Ken made the salsa yesterday with our garden tomatoes. Should be good.

We're also looking forward to this weather system clearing up. We need to get out into the garden and pull up the spent squash plants and make a place to burn all the stuff there is to burn. Most of it is taking up space in one of my two compost areas. It's covered, so it should burn without too much problem, but I want the space freed up for compost. Then we need a good burn day: dry and no wind, or at least a light wind in the right direction.


  1. Must harvest those grapes so that wine can be shipped over here for our consumption!

    Beautiful colors.

  2. We haven't seen much color change yet. Bonjour de Paris. Nous sommes arrivé 3 Octobre.

  3. Mmm, the fajitas sound great.

  4. Beautiful colors! It is raining in Los Angeles this morning, real rain this time. I have to go to the dentist in Burbank; streets or freeway(s)? 1 hour 1/2 or 2 hours to get there?

  5. What beautiful colours. It's dark here when I get up now. At least it's still light enough in the early evening to take Lulu for a walk after work. But that won't be for much longer, sadly.

  6. vtt, thanks!

    rick, hehehehe. Not if I get to it, first! :)

    starman, glad you made it!

    cubby, they were.

    nadege, horrible choice.

    jean, we're lucky to have the flexibility to wait for light. And Callie is patient, too.


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