Monday, August 30, 2010

Thistle get ya

Late summer is thistle season and the vineyard is full of them. Sometimes I wonder how the grape vines manage with all the other things growing out there. But most of the things that aren't grapes grow on the margins or in the large fields that lay fallow in between vine parcels.

Thistles among the grape vines.

I think the vineyards, fields, and woods are at their most colorful this time of year. When summer's rainbows touch the ground, they leave behind green in the grasses and leaves, white in the wild carrot flowers, yellow in the little daisies, blue in the wild chicory, purple in the thistles, and orange in the giant slugs.

Then happy little bluebirds fly... oh, never mind.


  1. Beautiful, Walt; you melted a few of my lemon drops.

  2. This is the blog of pun... do they have an award for the best puns in a blog? The best titles of blog posts? :)) You win!


  3. You must be feeling better now to come up with such puny stuff! 'Bama thistles arrive in the Spring, now is the time of goldenrod which I do enjoy.

  4. The flowers definitely add something.

  5. bill, always happy to oblige.

    judy, bad puns are one my péchés mignons.

    evelyn, I like goldenrod, too. Probably because I'm not allergic to it. But we don't have it here.

    starman, color!

    michael, thanks!


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