Sunday, August 29, 2010

Painting right along

A little each day. On Saturday I put another coat of primer on the woodwork and the lower walls in the last section. Ken did another coat of paint on the corners in the middle section. Today he plans to finish the primer on the upper walls and I will continue with the closet doors. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Little flowers preparing to open for the day in the vineyard. This one almost looks like a paintbrush.

One bit of progress is that we dismantled the big scaffold that our contractor loaned to us and took it downstairs. We don't need it anymore. And that's made a big difference. I've also started replacing the switch plates and soon I'll start removing the painting tape.

It sure feels good to look at what we've done and realize that we didn't have to pay someone else to do it. Of course, if we had, it would all be done by now. But that doesn't matter.


  1. So everything is starting to look like a paintbrush now;) Glad that you are nearing the end of your big project. Well done.

    The color of the flowers look very nice against your blue background today, merci.

  2. It's like making a wonderful meal... once you're done, and you eat it, and it tastes all fresh and delicious and you know you didn't spend 100€ on it at a restaurant, it's pretty satisfying :))

    Glad you've got the end of the job in sight!


  3. This looks like the flower we call the devil's paintbrush, or orange hawkweed. It's Pilosella aurantiaca and a wildflower in France too.

    I really love your photographs of flowers and have to try doing this at home, too.

    Wonderful that your huge project is nearing completion. It will be great when you get furniture up there. You have really increased your living space, I think.

  4. My verification word: wellity. As in, everything is going wellity chez vous! Your photo is beautiful and I'm excited for the end of painting being in the near term! And thanks for your short newsiness about MLK Jr. speech anniversary. We should never forget!

  5. evelyn, and what doesn't look like a paintbrush looks like a paint can.

    judy, exactly right!

    kristi, thanks. I'll look it up, too.

    cheryl, as wellity as can be expected! ;)

  6. That's funny because when it first came up and because of the title, I thought it was a paintbrush.


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