Thursday, January 20, 2011

Under the "L"

Chicago's mass transit system is referred to as the "L." I think this comes from the word "elevated," as much of the system runs on elevated right-of-way through the city. According to my brief research, the "L" is the second oldest and second longest rail mass transit system in the United States (after the NYC subway) and the third busiest system (after NYC and Washington DC Metro).

I really liked the pattern of the shadows on the bridge's roadway surface.

The most distinctive feature of the "L" is the downtown Loop, around which most of the system's lines run in the center of Chicago. I took this photo somewhere on the edge of the loop on a bridge across the river. I don't remember exactly where, but it could be either North Wells Street or West Lake Street. If any of you recognize it, please let me know.

This is the twelfth in a brief series of photos that I took while visiting Chicago in June 1996. They're 35mm color slides that I've scanned and digitized.


  1. I just love this picture. Cool shot! Why didn't I take it?

  2. Were you standing in the middle of traffic?

  3. I agree w/ Mark on this one.
    Very cool.


  4. Brilliant photo - I love all the shadows.

  5. Walt, you have such a good eye. Great photo. I'm enjoying your Chicago series.


  6. Another great pic, Walt!


  7. mark, well, because you weren't in Chicago in June 1996, that's why!

    cubby, I was standing in the middle of the street, but there wasn't much traffic. It must have been a Sunday.

    fashion survivor, thanks!

    bosguy, many thanks!

    jean, me too!

    judy, there are still a few to go, then it's back to France.

    bettyann, merci!

  8. I love bridge pictures and this one is particularly good.


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