Friday, February 11, 2011

Cold morning mists

This week has been a contrast in weather. The nights and mornings are cold. The days warm up if there's sun, but stay damp and cold if there's fog. Some days start foggy and clear up by noon. Some days the fog thickens and settles down on us like a cold blanket.

Looking northeasterly from the vineyards toward our house and the foggy river valley below. Click to viniferate.

We've had a few clear mornings. Clear mornings are cold mornings. There's been frost, but the light is amazing. Just seeing the sun rise through the bare trees is enough to make us feel a bit warmer.

I know that winter is still on for a while. We could go back to below freezing days any time. Snow is not out of the question. And one year ago this month we had that terrifying wind storm, Xynthia, that knocked tiles off our roof and deprived us of power for the better part of a week. Thankfully we had the wood stove for heat and the gas cooker for making hot meals.

Remembering that, I am happy with the cold nights, foggy days, and the lack of wind, snow, and sub-zero temperatures. And I am glad to have electricity.


  1. God, what did we do before electricity.

  2. The ability to "count your blessings" is one of the keys to happiness.

  3. The picture is beautiful with the frost - I had to look up "viniferate." :-)

  4. I'll have to wait until at least dinnerhour before I can drink some vin to viniferate that photo. It is much too early for me to start drinking now. I'd never get out to the airport to pick up my friend, safely!

  5. that looks too cold for my thinned Arizona blood !

  6. rick, work the fields, milk the cow, read the almanac?

    jean, :)

    diogenes, I hope you didn't find it... I think I made it up.

    starman, ;)

    mary, good call.

    michael, nothing a nice hot cup of tea (no rubbish) couldn't cure.


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