Monday, February 07, 2011

Yesterday, Sunday, lived up to its name. It started out normal. That is gray and overcast. But then something spectacular happened: the sun came out. And I will tell you that it was a welcome sight. Even though the temperature was already mild, the sun added a little something extra. All right, a lot of something extra.

The view of our neighbors' property from our front terrace, 06 Feb 2011.

I haven't seen the results of the Super Bowl yet. I'm trying not to find out until I watch the re-run later this evening. I'm afraid it's going to be difficult, especially once I start looking at blogs and facebook. I could just stay off the internet for a few hours. Bwahahahaha!

Ken already saw the result on the French morning news. The miracle of modern technology.


  1. That picture gladdens the heart! Spring is lurking around the corner...

  2. Wow, that photo sure does hark Spring.

    One of the teams won :)


  3. I'm in love with those late winter (dare I say early spring...??) days when the sun makes a showing......

  4. What a glorious picture! Makes me hopeful that spring will come soon.

  5. do you get to see the commercials?

  6. john-san, sure is a nice change!

    judy, and know I know which one!

    mark, I'm hoping for an early spring for all!

    alewis, yes!

    abby, me too!

    michael, no, the commercials and most of the time-outs and other "dead" time are edited out. The game goes much faster (and is much more fun to watch) that way. We were subjected to that pitiful half-time show, but managed to make it through.


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