Sunday, February 13, 2011

The rhythms of the vineyard

I hope you're not tired of vineyard photos. The vineyard is a prominent feature in our daily lives. We see it out the windows. We walk through it nearly every day. We smell it in every season, whether the ground is parched or soaked with rain. The vineyard always looks different and it always looks the same.

Newly pruned vines stand on the banks of the Cher.

And yet, because neither of us is a grower or a winemaker, our understanding of the vineyard is superficial. We can't identify the varietals by the shapes of their leaves. We don't know when a vine is healthy or sick. We don't know how to prune in winter. We don't know when the harvest should begin.

But, for our part, we do know how to work a corkscrew.


  1. Don't berate yourself, you know the most important thing there is to know about a vineyard!


  2. keep em the vineyard pics

  3. Your so lucky not to have to resort to the screw-top and boxed wines. Must learn that corkscrew skill someday.

  4. "...neither of us is a grower". Hehe.

  5. Who would tire of vineyard pics! I wish it had been the digital age when I was living up your way.

    I have finally put you and Ken on my new "Blog list" so I will see your posts go by...don't know if I told you or not that I put La France Profonde to sleep and have started a new blogging (ad)venture, The world from my windows...

    Bon dimanche soir!

  6. Sometimes I know which glass to use.

  7. Fred says I drink too much wine. I know, it's hard to believe he's French.
    Your Friend, m.

  8. bettyann, and that's: where to buy the wine!

    melinda, don't worry!

    mark, we do buy box wine (if it's good wine, it doesn't matter if it's in a box). Mostly we buy wine en vrac (in bulk), and put it into our own recycled bottles. It's more ecological as well as economical.

    cubby, context, man! Context.

    betty, now that you mention it again, I think you did mention it before. I will definitely check it out.

    starman, a glass is a glass is a glass...

    mark, and Champenois to boot!


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