Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Pruning at sunrise

I'm glad this isn't my job. On Monday morning the temperature was just above freezing. But the sky was clear and as the sun came up I could already feel the day warming. The people who prune the vines every winter are out there in rain, snow, and freezing temperatures all season long from sun-up until dusk.

Two workers from the Domaine de la Renaudie winery with their battery-powered shears.

Since we've had a very cold winter so far, I'm sure the pruners are not going to mind a few sunny and relatively warm days. A few years back we had some warm days in January and I said something about how nice it was. The pruners harrumphed and told me that it was too warm. The vines need the cold of winter, they said, and warm temperatures don't kill the bugs. So there.

I've learned to wait until we've had enough cold to mention the nice weather to the vineyard people.


  1. Perfect pruning weather. We're still a bit a ways away here.

  2. Great picture, with the misty horizon in the background, and the touch of pink in thw sky.

  3. Amazing how your pictures usher me into a beautiful place. A place I like a lot!

  4. It was a good game, and we rooted for the Packers due to Candy's Wisconsin heritage - although when she was last there she failed to return with a cheesehead (the headgear, not a person).

  5. Working the vines is hard work, all year round, I think.
    The weather is paramount, all to ensure we get to enjoy good wine. They deserve a medal.

  6. rick, we can go back to winter weather at any time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    diogenes, that mist is fog in laying low in the river valley.

    alewis, :)

    john, I rooted for the Packers because the QB went to Cal.

    jean, they've received several! Ribbons, actually. ;)


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