Wednesday, February 16, 2011


These are last year's geraniums. We brought them in for the winter and keep them down in the glassed-in entry porch where they're protected from the hard cold and they get a little morning sun (when there is some). Last week I trimmed off some of the dead leaves and flower heads and gave them some geranium food with their water.

Three planter boxes filled with red geraniums. Very French!

They aren't officially, but geraniums could be the French national flowering plant. They are ubiquitous, decorating window sills and planters all over the country. You can't go anywhere from spring to fall without seeing bright red geraniums. They come in many colors, but bright red is the most common.

These are looking pretty good and I can't wait until it's warm enough to put them back out on the deck in a couple more months. In the meantime, they're brightening up the entry porch.


  1. This is a pleasant, and badly-needed, reminder of summer. Loving all that sun pouring in...

  2. I haven't planted annual geraniums yet. I bought some perennial geraniums (much different) but there is something pleasing about the style in your post. Perhaps this year I will.

  3. I think spring has finally found you two!


  4. I keep mine in the dining room and they bloom all winter. I cannot wait until it is time to put them outside once again!

  5. I grow perennial geraniums here some are 5 feet tall and a few years old now, over winter I will be replanting them. We are in the sub tropics so its very sunny when its not raining. This year has been our wetest in years (Flooding rains)


    Brisbane QLD

  6. Is there really such a thing as "geranium food"?

  7. We have geraniums hanging in baskets at all of our front windows. I love them! And although we love red, like yours, we had to choose a lighter color to play against our red brick house.
    Love to see signs of life on your Blog.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. If I can find a picture from last year of our place, I'll email it to you. m.

  8. alan, I love it too! I want more...

    rick, I hope you'll take pictures!

    bettyann, winter's trying to make a comeback... the mornings are chilly!

    suzanne, I'm with 'ya!

    claire, that must be a variety that we don't get here in the less tropical climes.

    starman, well, it's fertilizer formulated specially for geraniums.

    mark, that would be neat! Does anyone say "neat" any more?

  9. Walt: Claire's geraniums will be the same as your ie pelagoniums. They are perennial, but don't overwinter in cold climates. They are standard issue Australian farmhouse plants, tough, drought resistant and survive without maintenance. Sadly they look increasingly unattractive without maintenance, but farmers have better things to do. Can you tell I have sworn an oath never to have pelargoniums in pots as a result of being traumatised by them as a child?

  10. I know they are kinda "grandma", but I love them too, especially in the window boxes of France & Italy.


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