Friday, February 04, 2011

More of these, please

We haven't seen a lot of the sun lately. It's either been raining or we've had that winter high pressure keeping the low clouds and fog stuck to the ground. A new weather system started moving in yesterday, however, that may bring us a little more sunshine.

Orange clouds reflect the rising sun one clear day last month.

The trouble is, as it blows over us with a southwesterly wind, it's wreaking havoc with Ken's allergies. Something on the southwest coast, be it cypress trees or scotch broom (or both), is sending nasty pollen up this way. The bright side is that the clouds are parting and warmer southern air is moving in.

We may even see a few sunrises this weekend.


  1. Our weather is going the other way. From cold, bright and sunny to milder, grey and miserable.
    Still, only another three weeks until March (nearly) and then spring........

  2. Sadly I think it's gone back to the high pressure "grey" again. Was hoping for a bit of sunshine this afternoon but no.....

  3. We've had grey, cloudy weather for three of four days - it gives me headaches - miserable. But it was 75F yesterday so I can't complain too much.

    I hope you get better weather soon and that Ken feels better.


  4. Closer to home Walt are the Hazel, which is in full pollen mode, and the Alder which is just starting!

  5. jean, the sun didn't make an appearance here yesterday, nor, I fear, will it today. Sigh.

    n&a, same here.

    bettyann, it's warming up, but staying gray.

    tim, yes, but thankfully Ken doesn't seem to be bothered by those.

  6. Walt - the days are getting longer. Spring isn't too far away. We will all welcome her with fanfare.

  7. Hard to imagine, as we're hit with another several inches of (unexpected) snow this morning.


  8. I hope your weekend is clear and warmer.

  9. rick, I'm with 'ya!

    judy, arrrgh!

    starman, so do we!


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