Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A lunch of Swedish meatballs

Ken and I made a batch of Swedish meatballs on Monday. My contribution was mostly mechanical: I ground the meat and formed the meatballs. Ken did all the creative work, which included the sauce they were served in.

About a hundred little meatballs ready to be browned.

I did make the pommes dauphines (tater tots) that we had along side. You might remember, I made them at Christmas time and froze the leftover dough. All I had to do was thaw the dough, form the tots, and fry them up.

Lunch is served!

The meatballs were made with pork and beef, onion, bread crumbs, eggs, and seasonings. The sauce is a béchamel combined with the pan drippings (from browning the meatballs), beef broth, and cream. It was a great lunch. We included a small helping of leftover collard greens so there'd be some color on the plate.


  1. Looks & sounds delicious!
    Do you freeze the meatballs before or after cooking them? (I'm presuming you din't consume 100 in one sitting! - unless of course you had guests?)
    You eat really well.
    Bon appetit pour aujoud'hui!

  2. I love Swedish meatballs and those tater tots look wonderful. What a delicious looking dinner.

  3. A feast for our eyes, and your tummies;)

  4. As I sit here with my coffee this cold morning, I want to jump through the picture and serve myself some of those meat balls, tots, and collard greens (?). True comfort food. Oh, and I think I see the wine peeking up behind the meat balls.

  5. Time to go eat breakfast! I actually have some mixed ground beef and port I was thinking of making a meatloaf with. Now I'm tempted to go this Swedish way.....

  6. A tempting meal indeed. I like
    your new photo close-up.

  7. I'm glad that I just ate lunch or I'd be drooling by now. And just so we're clear, I'm talking about the food and not your new profile picture. Although that works for me too but in an entirely different way. I really need to stop typing, don't I?

  8. Wow, I'd love to eat at your table for a month or six!

    Great new photo, Walt.


  9. I am not supposed to eat beef, but I admit, it is delicious for me; and meatballs are sooo yummy.
    I would love one of your meatballs.

  10. catherine, we didn't freeze them, But I'm sure they'd freeze just fine (out of the sauce). We're eating the leftovers today with french fries.

    rick, very tasty, indeed!

    evelyn, yum!

    diogenes, yes, wine. De rigueur.

    kristi, port sounds good, too!

    sheila, thanks!

    mark, hehehehehe.

    bettyann, we do enjoy the food!

    michael, have two, they're small.

    vtt, :)


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