Monday, February 21, 2011

Planting soon

It's almost time to plant some stuff. The next time we have a stretch of dry days, I'm going to plant lettuces, radishes, and leeks. The ground has been tilled. It just needs a good raking and I can put in the seeds. Then I'll cover the plot with my fabric tunnel to keep the bed warm.

The packet of radish seeds. And, yes, the radishes we get look exactly like this!

I'm looking forward to the first radishes of the season. As you can see, the packet says they can be planted as early as January. I'll plant seeds successively through the spring to ensure a continuous harvest. They'll be up quickly and ready to eat before any of the lettuces. The leeks will take the longest.

This is the first time we're trying some pre-spring crops. Wish us luck!


  1. I planted broad beans last week. but I won't be planting anything else for 6 weeks yet

  2. Will you plant peas? Spring peas are like little sugar bombs.

  3. Cubby, we love peas too. They are one of our three greatest garden treats.

  4. 18-day radish [or French Breakfast]... loverly! Crisp, hot and perfect... but not when they're forced... we got some the other day and they tasted of nothing... must have been hothouse ones.

  5. Are they a different variety than those we get in the US? The French radishes are so much bigger than ours.

  6. I planted french breakfast radishes last year.....they are my them with bread, butter, radish, salt and some good wine. aaaaaahhhhhhh memories of warmer I sit here looking out my window watching the snow fall. Come on spring!

    Victoria, Bellingham,WA

  7. I remember planting 'cool crops' like radishes. It was always a thrill trying to extend the growing season earlier into the year, dodging frosts and freezes.

  8. simon, here's wishing us both a bit of luck!

    cubby, I hadn't thought about peas, but they do sound good!

    carolyn, you and cubby are making me re-think my plans!

    evelyn, merci!

    tim, yes, very good!

    starman, yes, I think so. These aren't so sharp.

    judy, thanks!

    victoria, I'm with you. C'mon spring!

    michael, I'm hopeful that our cold frames and fabric tunnels will serve us well.


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