Sunday, February 27, 2011

When the bread lady's away...

...the bread eaters will play. And by "play," I mean try other bakeries. On Friday, Ken and I took a ride over to Valençay (about a half-hour away) to get some wine at their local cooperative. We got ten liters each of red, white, and rosé. We also did some grocery shopping.

Whole grain on the left, sesame seed on the right. Click to englutenate.

On the way back, we stopped at the bakery in the little town of Meusnes on the Cher River. In addition to the traditional baguettes they had several specialty breads, like most bakeries do. We chose a pain complet (whole grain) and another loaf encrusted with sesame seeds. They were both very tasty and a nice change from our regular bread.

The bread lady resumes her rounds this coming Tuesday.


  1. If I envy those living in Europe anything, it's the wonderful bread. It so good, everywhere so good. We have much better bread here than we used to, but it can't compare.

  2. My heavens, those breads look so, so good. What a lovely life you lead!


  3. English bread is generally terrible. You can't buy a decent baguette in the UK. Baguettes in supermarkets are disgusting. The English do bake good bread, but only on a small scale - it is, therefore, always expensive!

  4. The bakery at our local supermarket makes some very good bread, but they cannot be convinced to not put it into plastic wrappers.

  5. I'm ready for a sandwich - I'll take the whole wheat variety on the left...

    How did the breads compare (tastewise) with the breads you get from your local vendeuse?

  6. Will the Bread Lady take you back after she smells the scent of other breads on you?
    Your Friend, m.

  7. Bread remains my favorite food.
    Bread, with some cheese, and a good wine is still my all time favorite meal.
    I consider you all very lucky to have 'real bread'. There is hardly any here. I had some in MI - none in AZ.

  8. kristi, we got good bread in SF. But not like here.

    judy, doughy. Doughy life. lol

    john-san, similar in the US. Anything done well becomes a luxury product.

    starman, bread in plastic goes soft!

    mary, most all are good. It's the variety and the difference that's nice.

    mark, no. She's quite forgiving.

    michael, seriously? Nobody bakes good bread in AZ? :(


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