Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunset with planes

I took this on the eleventh. One week ago today. The sky was mostly clear in the afternoon with a few clouds on the horizons. As the sun went down, it glinted off the clouds in the west. Two jets were making their way northward at the time.

A February sunset.

Thursday's lunch was very tasty. We had bought a pair of chickens a couple of weeks ago. They were on sale, two birds for €2.10/kilo. We cut them apart and made chicken adobo with the thighs and drumsticks. The wings went into the freezer for the next time we make wings. We kept the breasts on the carcasses and froze those separately.

So, on Thursday we thawed one of the carcasses with the breasts on, seasoned and roasted it in the oven. Along side the roasted chicken breasts were some collard greens from our freezer and a pot of polenta. Everything was amazingly good and it all went together very well. The little bits of chicken that are left on the carcass will be picked off for Callie. We didn't take any pictures at all.

The thing is that this is the kind of impromptu cooking that we (and when I say "we" I mean mostly Ken) do all the time. When the pantry and the freezer are well-stocked, we don't need a lot of advance preparation to come up with a great lunch.


  1. Walt, don't you boil up the carcasse with some veg to make stock or soup?
    It is easier to get the leftover meat off too! My Border Collie never complained that some of the flavour had gone! I just had him pressing hard against my leg until I'd got him a bowl full! Does Callie 'lean'?

  2. Very nice pic. We live on the wrong side of our building to see sunsets.

  3. A beautiful time of day.
    Sounds delish. Callie looks like a sweetie.

  4. I really dig your new profile pic. After all this time of reading your blog, I had not an inkling that you were so handsome! Is Ken a looker too?

  5. tim, yes, normally we do. Callie just sits and look at us forlornly.

    starman, do you get to see sunrises, then?

    ch/rick, Callie is a sweetie. Yours look wonderful, too!

    stephen, *blush* and yup!


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