Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I was lookin' back to see...

Too bad that Callie's eyes are closed. Oh well. The one that is not Callie is a neighborhood dog. His name is Vasco, I think. He lives down the road, toward the river. Every once in a while our paths cross. The two of them get along just fine, and Callie is always the submissive dog.

Callie and Vasco on the vineyard road.

We're still having cloudy and dry weather. The wind is less than it was, but it's still blowing. I don't think I could stand living down south where the Mistral blows. The constant wind drives me crazy. I just want it to stop.

The temperature warmed up as promised, but under gray skies it's not as nice as it could be. I'm weeding and watering.

Today we're expecting friends from California. They're going to spend four nights with us. Should be great fun! More later...


  1. Callie and Vasco remind me of Lady and the Tramp;)

    Your friends are in for a treat. Have fun.

  2. Poor Callie. I know how frustrating it is trying to get a good shot when your eyes automatically close at the sound of that shutter.

    I agree about the winds. Here in Pierre the winds blow so hard that the huge gas grill has been known to fly off the deck.

    Enjoy those California friends!

  3. Glad that Vasco is friendly. It looks a bit like the standoff at the OK vineyard. Glad to hear that wasn't actually the case!

  4. You should let the Californians earn their keep by weeding and watering.

  5. evelyn, :)

    mitch, we're having a good time so far!

    craig, nope, no problems. Callie gets along fine with most dogs and people.

    starman, I'll keep that in mind. ;)


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