Monday, June 13, 2011

The vines are getting trimmed

The growers are out on the their tractors trimming the vines now. The vineyard is looking less wild and more tended. As it should be. Or, at least, as it normally is. Our vegetable garden is looking good, too. The rain we got last week was good for it. And we're getting more rain now not as much rain as we had hoped for. Also Not a good thing.*

The vines are looking good!

I'm hopeful that we have not seen the last of summer. Especially since summer hasn't officially started yet. Spring was warm, and now we're in a less-than-warm spell. But the warm weather should come back. If it doesn't, our garden is done for. A cold, wet summer, like the one we had in 2007, will simply destroy the vegetables.

Let's hope for the best.

* Sometimes I write these things ahead of time, so I have to adjust when it posts.


  1. We had a thorough drenching here in Derbyshire yesterday. Everything looks much better for it but it's a shame it happened on a Sunday - a weekday would have been much better. So many fetes and shows are ruined every summer by lousy weather.

    I'm just hoping that we're not going the way of the typical English summer - some nice weather in April and May followed by a very unsettled June, July and August - you'd think I would be used to it by now !! Perhaps all that Loire valley warmth and sunshine has spoiled me and distorted my expectations !!

  2. Is it just me or does time pass much faster now than it did 30 years ago?

  3. Cubby,

    No, it's not just you. The older we get the fast time passes by. Just yesterday it was ten years ago. I hope you have a glorious summer Walt.

  4. Walt

    Wish I could send you my rain . Since our return last Monday ,we have had 2 days of sun and temp @ 28 and 32C but on wednesday everything went down the drain ( sorry for the pun) . Thunderstorms and buckets of rain - even the F-1 was delayed for 2 hours yesterday.

  5. That reminds me; I need to cut Tony's hair.

    We visited summer in Auburn yesterday. It was nice.

  6. Looks like June is busting out all over...

    Glad you got some rain.

  7. The coolest, wettest spring on record in Oregon, This climate change thing is bunk!

  8. This is probably the real summer.

  9. Maybe it would be more realistic to count only on July for summer, really. It works for us in Bellingham.

  10. I very much enjoy watching the vineyards growth through your blog. It gives me a sense of the passing of the seasons.


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