Monday, June 20, 2011


This is one of two sunburst squash plants given to us by a friend this season. It's flowering now and it even has squash on it. It won't be long before we start harvesting. We also have two round zucchinis, also given to us by the same friend. We traded with a couple of potimarron (red kuri squash) plants that I had started.

At the base of the left-hand blossom you can see a little yellow sunburst squash. Click to cucurbitate.

So that makes six squash plants in the garden. They all have flowers and/or fruit on them in varying stages of development. I also have two cucumber plants coming along in the corn patch. The idea is that the cucumber grows in between the rows of corn, helping to keep the weeds down while providing us with cool cukes. It's flowering now, too.

I've got to get out in the garden now and do some weeding (did a little on Sunday). Since I'm watering, the weeds think it's for them and they're coming up all over. The trick is to get 'em while they're young. I'm also pinching suckers off the tomatoes nearly every day. They sure do grow fast.


  1. It's raining in the south of England today. Guess why? It's usually because I've washed the car or because the government has announced an official drought....but it's raining because it's the first day of Wimbledon!

  2. Hello

    Our plant has not flowered yet. We have limited ourselves to only one squash plant this year because experience has taught us that they are very productive. So, while eating squash with everything, we still were not able to keep-up.

    We have rain by the bucket-full, so I know what you mean about the weeds - they're running riot.


  3. We've had one zuke from the garden and several cukes. I'm afraid we're going to have too many of both.

    I'll be interested in seeing photos of your squash when they come on. I like your idea of planting your cucumbers alongside the corn.

  4. Looks very healthy... must be your loving care. Why is that weeds grow at three times the rate of everything else?

  5. I see ratatouille in your future.

  6. We've been getting a lot of rain in the last few days. It is the rainy season here.

  7. I love this type of squash. I think I will grow some next season. I grew pumpkins a few years ago. I wound up with about 25 pumpkins the size of basketballs. I usually have to grow things that the squirrels won't eat. Can't grow tomatoes or grapes.

  8. I wish I had room for squash plants. They take up a LOT of room. I spied your impatients. Beautiful. They are perhaps my favorite flower. They bloom all summer, never look ragged and such soothing pastel colors. First frost and they're done though. All water.

  9. Squash plants are the triffids of the vegetable garden.

  10. veronica, what would Wimbledon be without a little rain? :) I watched a bunch on Monday, and it stayed pretty dry.

    anna, I know. I tell myself the same thing every year, and I still end up with more plants than I should.

    evelyn, if everything works out (and maybe even it it doesn't) there will be photos!

    craig, those weeds are hardy little devils. They don't get any of the attention and care, so they have to be scrappy!

    chris, Ken and I will eat the veggie variety and Bertie will eat the mouse variety. :)

    starman, we're still quite dry.

    mike, I've done pumpkins, too. They're great, but man there's a lot to process, freeze, can, etc. I think I still have some in the freezer from the last time...

    ron, they do take space. And I get impatiens every year for the window boxes on the north side. They're protected from sun out there.

    michael, how right you are.


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