Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nuts to you

The walnut tree out in the vineyard is doing its thing. It looks like it might be another good year for walnuts. We still have some in the pantry from last year thanks to our friends a couple of towns over. They have a good sized tree on their property and had an abundance of nuts last year.

A walnut. The familiar shell is inside this protective husk, much like a chestnut but without the spikes.

Later in the fall I'll start gathering them from the vineyard tree as they fall. They're small, but when they're good, they're very good.


  1. You want sun with your drought?
    Come to Texas...hot as hades with
    unrelenting sun baking every last
    drop of moisture that might still
    be left out there.

  2. A black walnut tree, I recognized the seed pod immediately. I didn't know black walnut trees grew in France. I thought they were a North American phenomena.

  3. I'm looking enviously at your nuts Walt.
    That didn't come out right did it?

  4. California is famous for it's Walnuts. Almonds and Pistachios are a major crop also. You can not cut down an Oak tree in California without several permits, and they are hard to get. The Walnut tree is also a protected tree here in southern Ca. and may not be cut down. Other than citrus the San Fernando valley is filled with Walnut trees. Don'tt get me started on the Avocado trees that are everywhere.

  5. Too bad you don't have any pecans.

  6. Those looks just about right for making vin de noix, Have you tried making that?

  7. I love walnuts; have never seen them on the tree. Beautiful.

  8. Those very green,very tight walnut husks are very sexy.

  9. mark, been there and back. Twice.

    sheila, I'll pass, thank you. :)

    ron, it's not a black walnut (you are right, they're North American). It's a common or English walnut. Different species.

    craig, hehehehe.

    mike, it's like that old saying: California's full of fruits and nuts! ;)

    starman, that would be nice, but the climate's not right.

    peter, we haven't but we've been given some by friends who have.

    mitch, you can take the boy out of the city...

    stephen, have you been hitting the Vicodin again? :)


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