Sunday, June 26, 2011

The spires of Chenonceau

It's challenging to take unusual or original photos of such a famous place. I've been here so many times and I still have a hard time getting away from the standard, and beautiful, postcard views of the castle. I have a lot of those. So each time I go I try to find some aspect that I can focus on.

Decorative spires on the roofs of the château de Chenonceau. Click to inspire.

These are the spires on the roof of the main section of the building (not the part that bridges the river). If you didn't already know they are from Chenonceau, you might be hard-pressed to say where they are. I believe that the tallest spire with the gilding rises over the chapel on the northeast corner of the castle.

The day we visited, Wednesday, started out as a very rainy day. But by lunchtime the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and it turned into a very pleasant afternoon.


  1. There's nothing wrong with the picture-postcard photos of Chenonceau as it's such a beautiful place. But as you suggested, I clicked and found your picture inspirational !!

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  3. Great shot, especially against
    the bright blue backdrop. Rather
    reminiscent of chess pieces.

    Glad things are heating up.
    The tomatoes, peppers and
    eggplants must be thriving.

  4. Inspiring. It really is a great photo.

  5. You know you are so fortunate to live around so much beauty.

  6. jean, I agree. But I still like to look for something different.

    sheila, yes, I think they like this kind of weather the best.

    diogenes, :) thanks!

    starman, merci!

    mike, beauty is where you find it!

  7. Yes it is, and that is why I love southern California so very much. After living here nearly 40 years I still find new places to see and do in this vast area. I can be at the beach, in the mountain snow later, and by a pool in Palm Springs the same day.

  8. I visited Chenonceau for the first time last June and fell in love with its charm and gardens. It had a sense of "real people" that might have lived there. I will have to return to see it in its full glory after the scaffolding is down.

    Great photos!



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