Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The kitchen window box

This year's kitchen window flowers are kind of a blue/light purple. They're surfinia petunias and we've been planting this variety in the window box for several years now. We like the way they tumble over and they make a nice contrast with the red geraniums on the deck.

Aren't these a great color?

These are just beginning to grow over the edge of the window boxes. In the next couple of months they'll cascade down a couple of feet giving us a nice show of flowers on the front of the house.

We got them at a nursery in Saint-Aignan. We met the owner a few years ago at a party (but didn't realize he was the owner of the nursery then). He recognized us last month when we bought the plants. Then he told us that he is retiring and just sold the nursery to a younger guy, and introduced us (sort of).

It's good to know that the nursery will not be closing any time soon. They do a great job with spring plants and I'd rather give the local folks our business than have to buy plants from a big chain. And they're much closer than the Thursday market in Selles-sur-Cher where we had been buying flowering plants.


  1. And they'll look beautiful against your stone colored home. I can't wait to see them at the end of Summer.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Yes, they are a beautiful color! As always, your plantings look so lovely and neat :))


  3. Walt,

    Yes they are! I have purple petunias myself. Pictures will be forthcoming. :)

  4. Gorgeous color! I love petunias. The dark purple ones have a sweet little scent.

  5. I love Petunias. I have one section of my garden that is only for Petunias. You know if you mix up nuts and fruits you get a big bowl of crazy. HA, :)

  6. Are the surfinias the petunias that you don't have to dead-head? The wave petunias are supposed to be that way, but are sometimes hard to find. Love the blue color.

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  8. Like! And I agree that it's good to patronize a local business. Otherwise, they go away.

    I've given up on petunias; they get infested with whiteflies.

  9. I hope to see a picture when they cascade down the front of the house.

  10. Great color! I prefer sufinias to ordinary petunias.

  11. I enpurplized the photo and it looked great!

  12. mark, I'll try to remember to post a photo then. Or better yet, you could come and see them in person!

    leon, I love it when you speak Australian!

    judy, how's your new garden coming along?

    ron, looking forward!

    nadege, I had dark purple in the boxes the first time I did surfinia. Very nice.

    mike, sounds nice! And I understand about the crazy... I lived in SF for 17 years!

    diogenes, I don't think they need to be dead headed, at least, I don't do it...

    chris, we've had good luck with them, but they do get something from time to time.

    starman, I'll try to remember. In the meantime, search my blog (top bar) for "surfinias" (be sure it has an "s") and you can see past years.

    n&a, I like that they cascade.

    cheryl, hehehe!

  13. I love your petunias,you can get them in a variety of colours.
    Your spot on with shopping local I always try to, I'd hate to see the small shops closing down


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