Saturday, June 11, 2011

Periodic Puppy Pics

Things are looking up. Well, at least Callie is. I think she was watching the sun behind the clouds. Making sure it wasn't a hot-air balloon. She is sitting beside her tennis ball, which is just visible behind her back.

Callie sits out by the real fake well, amusing herself while waiting for "someone" to toss the tennis ball.

You can see from this picture how dry the yard is. Even after the forty-three millimeters of rain we had earlier in the week, it will take time and more rain for the grass to recover. The vegetable garden is already dry on the surface. I may have to start up the watering again soon. At least the two water collection barrels are full, so I can use that up before hooking up the sprinkler.


  1. She's such a beauty! Enjoy your weekend Walt.

  2. It thankfully rained here last night. I only have a few plants that I'd planted last year to worry about but there are plants from previous tennants (a hydrangea bush and some other things that I know their names when I look at them but can't remember at the moment) that I want to stay green too.

  3. Callie is a great dog, hope you tossed the ball a couple of times after you took the photo.

    At the weather centre they calculated that we need 14 days of continual rain to get the earth soaked to the level it should be now.

    The rain of yesterday was already evaporated before before it hit the grass or the bricks.

  4. i enjoy the puppy pictures too!


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