Friday, June 24, 2011

Une porte lochoise

I passed this door while walking in the city of Loches on Wednesday. It's not anything fancy, but the doorknob caught my eye. Someone takes very good care to keep it nicely polished. The knob is in the center of the door as opposed to on the right or left.

I always wonder what the houses look like inside, behind the doors.

And the grill on the window is quite decorative. The door is on a private home halfway between the lower city and historical medieval fortress on the bluff above. We climbed up into the old city and wandered around a bit in the the royal residence (a renaissance building) and the old medieval keep.

Loches is a cool small city with plenty to do and see and is well worth a stop on anybody's Loire Valley itinerary.


  1. Beautiful! Love the color.

  2. I agree entirely - we have taken 4 people to Loches this week, and all have been captivated by how much it conforms to what a French town "should" look like

  3. Center doorknobs freak me out. Buffy, Jody, Cissy, Bill, and Mr. French had center doorknobs in their Fifth Avenue apartment in "Family Affair". (Bonus points if you can remember that show).

  4. Did you see Martine's dream house on the little street leading to the dungeon from the church?

    Whilst looking for it, I saw, nearby, a plaque mentioning about the visit of a former Canadian PM honoring the birth place of his ancestors. I guess not all Quebecers come from Normandy or Brittany

  5. I appreciate things with style, that did not opt for the 'oh so practical but plain" approach to things.
    France is the antithesis of the Midwest.


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