Monday, June 27, 2011

A rooftop window

One of the cool things about the city of Loches (about twenty miles from us) is that from up in the medieval city you can look down over the rest of town. This gives you great views of the rooftops and the hidden courtyards and gardens of the houses below. Things you don't see when you're walking through the streets.

This window was partly open to let in the warm summer breeze.

This window looked so nice poking through the various roofs, and the red pot on the sill made it perfect. I think I've actually taken a picture of this window in years past; I'll have to look for it.

If you're interested in more views of Loches, click on the "loches" tag at the bottom of this post. Then you can scroll through the photos there.


  1. Plan to be at Loches for market day next May - care to join us for the day.

  2. Ken and Walt - Its a date.

  3. I love the shot Walt... it's quite dramatic with the steep roof line.

  4. That window might have caught my eye a few times as well. The red pot is especially eye-catching.

    I note that at 7:00 p.m. there, you are having 90 degrees F. Phew.
    That would be hard to go to sleep in for me.

    Stay cool you two. Drink plenty of liquids so that you can keep up the blogging!!! I love it.

  5. leon, what Ken said!

    craig, thanks!

    mary, yes, it's been quite warm. Drinking liquids is not a problem. ;)

    brent, thank you, sir!


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