Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday morning cloud

Over the past few nights the skies have been clear. That gives us a brilliant star show of which I only catch glimpses when I get up in the middle of the night. The sky is still pretty light when I go to bed around 10:30pm, so I only see the brightest of the stars then. A clear sky overnight usually means cool temperatures in the morning.

The colors were subtle but beautiful. Click on the picture to solarify.

The sun warms things up eventually, although the days still feel downright chilly compared to the mini heat wave we were enjoying less than a week ago. I've been getting up early this week for various reasons. If I've managed to close Bertie in the night before, he's itching to go outside before the sun rises. He likes to hunt. His movements and meowing downstairs can wake me two flights up. Especially when the dog hears him and she gets agitated.

Thursday was one such morning, meaning that I was out of bed before 5:30am feeding the cat, making tea, firing up the computer, etc. I got out the door with Callie just after 6:30 for our walk. The sun had been up for about forty-five minutes already and there was this long horizontal cloud in the eastern sky.

At the moment we got to the farthest point of our walk, the cloud moved to block the sun and this is what we saw. A few minutes later the cloud had moved out of the way and we were walking into the warm sunlight. Thank goodness, because it was about 8º out there (about 46ºF).


  1. What a great shot! Beautiful.

  2. Just a spectacular picture!

  3. Funny the drastic differences in temperature we've been experiencing - similar over here.

  4. I'm so jealous that it stays light out so late. I would love that.

    Incidentally I loved your previous post too... Apple-pincher...


  5. Beautiful shot. I've never solarified anything before!

  6. Sing with me now: Oh what a beautiful moooooorning, oh what a beautiful day....

  7. Do artichokes really grow that tall, or is it just the picture that makes them seem so tall?

  8. Beautiful picutre. Thinking about your apple trees, is it possible to spread some kind of netting under them that wouldn't obstruct the grass and dirt but could catch the falling apples? Easier to collect them that way, I should think.

  9. craig, thanks!

    buddy, thank you!

    mark, that's my life, anyway.

    rick, ah, the ups and downs of weather!

    bosguy, ha! I do my best. And the only problem with it staying light so late in summer is that in winter, it gets dark very early.

    mitch, glad I could help you with a new experience! ;)

    chris, you really don't want me to sing...

    starman, they do grow tall, these are in the 4 to 5 foot range.

    emm, I suppose it's possible... there are such nets that professionals use.

  10. I am always late to the party here
    I thought of you last night as we too had a sunset like this one, so I had a glass of French wine (for once!)


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