Thursday, October 24, 2013


We still have three artichoke plants in the garden, but we don't eat the artichokes. They're too few, too small, and too tough. Since they look nice, we let them stay. As long as they like. The flowers in late summer are beautiful, and the dried flower heads this time of year are pretty too.

A dried artichoke, one of about six. Soon I will cut them down for burning.

I was very productive on Wednesday. The hedges that got cut down to half their height last spring are now trimmed. It's much easier to trim hedges when there are no ladders involved. I also trimmed the lavender shrubs and a daisy bed. I'm hoping to get some logs cut this morning as the weather is supposed to be nice. Tomorrow, we're expecting some rain.


  1. If you like the looks of artichokes, try cardoons (cardon in French). Lovely silvery leaves like an artichoke, great spectacular flower heads, bees love them. You can blanch and eat the leaf stalks as you would celery. Seeds are widely available on line, e.g. LaBonneGraine. P.

  2. Darn! If only I had known about eating the leaf stalks of cardoons, I could have been enjoying them when I had them in Illinois (15 years ago)! They do have a gorgeous purple bloom and the plant adds height to the flower bed!

    Too bad your artichokes don't end up being edible. I've admired artichokes growing all over my area in garden beds. So attractive and interesting.

  3. This is the first time I've ever seen artichokes in the wild.

  4. Ah, a picture forms in my mind of Walt in his Paul Bunyon plaids with his chainsaw in hand. Nice.

  5. I would dearly love some rain; I miss it.


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