Saturday, August 16, 2014

A hard row to mow

It's Saturday and we're expecting a sunny day. It's actually predicted to be sunny for the next week, but it will not be hot. We're barely supposed to get up over 20ºC (not quite 70ºF) in the foreseeable future. Summer has abandoned us for warmer climes.

The grower who tends these vines mows between the rows to help control weeds.

Today is also the last day for our bread delivery for two weeks. The woman who delivers the bread is going on her vacation (hopefully someplace warmer) until the end of August. It's not a problem for us since it gives us a chance to use up frozen bread, make some of our own, and sample bread from other bakeries around us.


  1. Do you suppose that row would be any easier to hoe ... or no? Maybe we'll see your bread lady down here on the beach.

  2. hohoho!

    we have had very few 90+ degree days here; who would have thought I would have the windows open, low humidity, and temps in the 70s the past few days IN MID-AUGUST?

  3. Same weather here in St. Louis as in Philly, apparently. I'd say we'll get up past the 70s still for awhile -- your weather sure does change from one summer to another.

  4. Great shot of those vines, Walt! What sort of machine does he/she use? I bet they just 'fly' up and down those rows.

  5. mitch, lol. You will probably be able to spot her, she'll be the one with several baguettes sticking up out of her beach bag.

    anne marie, sounds like summer is not very summery in a lot of places this year. Ugh.

    judy, you can never predict what kind of summer we'll have. Except that the weather will always seem better the week after la rentrée.

    jim, thanks! I'm sure it's mower attachment to a tractor, and they do make quick work of it. They have to, with all the rows that need to be done.


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