Monday, August 04, 2014

New vines

This is the larger of the two new vineyard parcels in our neighborhood. This one replaces a plot of older vines that were diseased, the other is all new. The grower who owns this plot is a large producer and employs people to help maintain the vineyards. He and his wife (she's a certified oenologist) make and market their own wines. The smaller plot is owned by a guy who's mostly a one-man operation (along with his wife at certain times of the year) and who sells most of his grapes to a cooperative for the wine making.

I counted about 40 rows of new grape vines in this parcel. You can see how rocky the soil is; good for grapes!

All the vines are grafted on to hearty root stocks, and at this stage in their growth the graft is quite visible (although maybe not in this picture). I think it will be a few years before any grapes are harvested from these new parcels. It will be fun to watch them grow. I'm sure you are curious, but I don't know which varietal this is; I need to ask one day.


  1. Wow , amazing plot and I didn't know they can grow on rocky soil.Inteesting.

  2. Always an interesting photo chez WCS :)

  3. That soil's as rocky as our potager!

  4. It must be fascinating to figure out what sort of varietal to plant; anticipating the market years hence.


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