Friday, August 22, 2014

Blue sky

Sort of. There's not much to recommend weather-wise this August. We're having October temperatures. And the first half of the month saw more rain than we normally get in a whole month. When the sun shines, it feels like a crisp fall day. If there's no wind. Thankfully, the past few days have been calm with some sun and we've been able to spend pleasant afternoons on the deck.

It still looks like summer, but it's starting to feel like fall. I can tell that the days are getting shorter.

Today I have garden chores to do. There are beans to pick and tomatoes to gather. I've also got to water some now that the surface soil has dried out. We have a bounty of peaches (from a neighbor) and plums (that Ken gathered from trees that no one is tending). Yesterday, Ken pitted the plums and froze them for use later making pies and other things. I'll probably make a peach tart today or tomorrow. And we may be ready to make our first batch of tomato sauce for the freezer this weekend.


  1. The clouds were cooperating well for this nice shot. And it does indeed feel more like fall than summer. But we're only 2/3 of the way there. And to respond to your comment, I think that the hot summer day was in June. Seems very distant now.

  2. Tomato sauce already, eh? Have we even seen one of your red tomatoes?

  3. stuart, I hope we see more warm weather.

    judy, ken posted some today (Saturday). :)


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