Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Through the woods

During one of our recent morning walks, Callie heard something and bolted after it into the woods next to one of the vineyard parcels we walk around. I never saw what she was chasing, but I assume it was a chevreuil (roe deer). I followed her into the woods and could hear her barking ahead. This patch of woods is one that Callie knows well as we walk through it often; the path through leads to where the Artsy Organized Neighbor keeps his piles of stuff and continues on to another familiar vineyard parcel that we walk around frequently.

Ferns love to grow in dark, damp, woodsy places.

On the way through, I walked by this clump of fougères (ferns) next to a pile of branches (no doubt stacked by the A.O.N.). Nearby was a small pile of large stone or concrete squares, maybe paving stones of some kind. I didn't take a picture of those. Yet.


Pour your heart out! I'm listening.