Saturday, August 09, 2014

Periodic puppy pics

We had a lot of rain yesterday. It started in the late afternoon and it just poured. Il tombait des cordes, as they say. There was some wind, but nothing violent, lots of lightning and thunder, and, thankfully, no hail. About halfway through the deluge I went out to empty the rain gauge before it overflowed. We had twenty-five millimeters at that point, just about an inch of rain. Since then, we got an additional thirteen millimeters.

Callie in the vineyard on a recent sunny morning.

The vegetable garden came through well with no serious damage. Now it needs a chance to dry out. The sun is out this morning, but another system is out there off the Atlantic coast.


  1. We only managed 26 Millipedes....
    thank goodness!!

    It looked worserer down south...
    huge red areas on the radar... and the red is a rain rate of over 100mm an hour!
    So much for the sunny South of France...

    The reading was from the physical gauge....
    the weather station is currently leaning at 45 degrees...
    battered by the wind and rain, the post just gave up!!
    Time to build a proper weather station box!

  2. Hi there, Callie!

    p.s. I meant to comment after Ken's post I'm so glad for you two that the kitchen ceiling/roof repair took, and has held up to even these long downpours. GREAT!

  3. The cat got into trouble for coming in halfway through the overture to the storm with wet feet and jumping on a book. How does Bertie cope with thunder and lightning? After the downpour, I watched four very soggy young goldfinches trying to dry themselves out. They didn't look any better groomed when they finished than when they started... P

  4. We had a huge thunderstorm in Derbyshire yesterday, with localised flooding.
    The reservoirs and rivers are as full as I've ever seen them and we're bracing ourselves for another deluge tomorrow.


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